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As tandem-teaching global missionaries with Youth With A Mission, we are:

Following Jesus to the nations.
Equipping leaders in missions.


Countries Ministered In.


Years in Ministry.



Mombo and Juan have ministered in over 30 countries and taught on healthy leadership at over 40 Youth With A Mission (YWAM) University of the Nations campuses internationally over the past 30 years. Their passion is to equip thousands of YWAMers to be healthy leaders who foster prayerful God-sized vision with Holy Spirit-led strategies that work so they can be effective and long-term sustainable.

Who Are Juan and Mombo Galloway?

Not many people start ministry at 13 and 15 years old. It all started when Juan’s family returned from the mission field in Puerto Rico. Juan spotted a cute pre-Christian Mombo at the Texas megachurch he attended. He asked her out immediately. For their first date, he picked her up at 4:30am for an early morning prayer meeting! They both did regular street evangelism, helped the poor, served children, led worship and small groups at the Youth Wave teen ministry with 100 students.

At 14, Mombo became the youngest student in the history of Christ for the Nations Bible College. While attending summer school she served on an outreach team ministering to people struggling with sexuality and prostitution. From nightclubs to motels, she prayed with people who needed Jesus to fill a God-sized hole in their hearts. Before Juan graduated from Christ for the Nations, he had one of the first Christian punk rock bands in the world and also worked as a teacher and mentor at a gang intervention program…

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Mombo and Juan offer workshops in healthy leadership at no cost to the mission campus. Unfortunately, half of all missionaries leave the field within the first 10 years. This is usually because of (1.) Broken relationships with other missionaries (2.) Being underfunded. We address these issues and others head-on.

We are so thankful to work with amazing missionaries and ministry leaders around the world. Here is what they have experienced working with us.

“We only had 4 days with Mombo and Juan, but it feels like we had months together. They are great communicators and poured so much love and passion into our team. They really live out what they teach and one can see that they deeply care for the wellbeing of our YWAM staff. They know the joys and also struggles of ministry life, which enables them to speak life into our staff, because they know what this life looks like. I truly believe they are a gift from God for our mission and many more YWAM staff will benefit from their wisdom!”

YWAM AUSTRIA- Harald and Ani Hoellerman, National Directors


“One of the first things you will see in Juan and Mombo is their passion and charisma. They are engaging in both how they teach and how they tell stories. They are also gifted in making things really practical and manageable which serves both people who have been in missions for years and those who have only recently joined. As I have gotten to know them more I see how deeply they love the Lord and share that love with others. They are challenging, generous, and so good at helping draw people into God’s invitation to us as a part of his family, which includes relationship and partnership with others. They are one of a kind and a true blessing to our YWAM community!” 

YWAM AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Erica Gustafson, Base leadership team and training director


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Started in 1960 YWAM is a multi-denominational Christian missions movement that has trained over a million people in missions. There are currently over 20 thousand missionaries with 60 thousand students a year at over 2000 locations in 180 countries. Their mandate is To Know God and Make Him Known.