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We are so thankful to have great students, leaders, partners and mentors around us. Here is what they have experienced working with us.


“Juan and Mombo’s teaching on Relationship Rehab was like a fresh wind blowing through our community. Their perspective on healthy relationships, conflict resolution and recognizing why we get triggered was insightful and allowed the Holy Spirit to shine His light into areas of our lives that need His touch. Within days we were even able to ‘practice it’ when some areas of conflict arose in our community and we were able to deal with it in a biblical and timely way. Juan and Mombo’s teaching style is fun and relaxed, but also powerful as they get to the meat of the issue with grace and wisdom”

YWAM THE KING’S LODGE, ENGLAND – Taryn Cooper, Base Director


“I am still shocked that I believed lies for so many years regarding women’s role in ministry leadership. Juan and Mombo truly helped me to understand the biblical texts on this subject. After I attended their workshop at the YWAM Central Europe Conference, I sent other leaders to attend it as well. It was so good I wish this had been presented on the main stage to everyone attending the conference. Thank you, Juan and Mombo for opening my eyes!”

YWAM CRAIOVA, ROMANIA – Ema Bogden, ACT Central Europe member


“We were blessed to have Juan and Mombo with us at YWAM Derby for three days. They spent the first day teaching, with an engaging and truth-filled message, filled with humility and their own experience. They then gave themselves to individual sessions with each of our team, providing listening support and care. Our whole team felt loved and cared for by this amazing couple! We look forward to them coming again!”

YWAM DERBY, ENGLAND – Rob and Sandy Hobbs, Base Leaders


“Having Mombo and Juan come teach at our base gave our team a new perspective on the importance of the body of Christ in regard to financial partnership in missions. All of the staff were very impacted when they realized the lies they had believed and how Jesus actually modeled a missionary lifestyle. They not only gave us a biblical foundation for fundraising, but they also gave as practical steps on how to do it. Juan and Mombo’s kindness, love and passion for Jesus is contagious and inspiring. They really live out the leadership they teach about.”

YWAM BILBAO, SPAIN – Felix and Lisa Elias, Campus Leadership Team


“Juan and Mombo arrived at our center like a light and refreshing breeze. Their ability to see our strengths and to express them lead to exchanges more than encouraging! I was moved by their servant hearts and their humility as they seem to have lived 100 lives and 1001 experiences! I really felt their burning desire to pass on as much knowledge as possible to help us as much as possible. I wish them a thousand times thank you for their heart, availability, and listening. They have given me great direction for the future and I am extremely grateful that God guided them to us!”

YWAM CHAMPAGNE, FRANCE- Maricha Sonderer, Communications Director


“A week spent with Juan and Mombo was not nearly enough.  This couple has a wealth of practical training to offer to any church, parachurch or ministry. They have lived through so much as a ministry team and can effectively communicate solid, Biblical truth coupled with real-life, applied experiences. They are an amazing team and instantly built a trusted connection with our group.  I highly recommend them! By the way, tonight at our kid’s ministry in the park we used the Frozen Storytelling Evangelism that you trained us in (we actually did the bullying message that we put together when you were with us in that class!). Thanks again for this awesome resource.  It went really well!” 

YWAM COSTA TROPICAL, SPAIN – Justin Secrist, Campus Director


“We are very grateful that Juan and Mombo came to train the staff on our campus. Everyone on our team got a lot out of the fundraising seminar. Actually, since they came, Leah and I got 3 new partners right away! We’ve been a lot more diligent with communication and asking. We feel like God has really blessed us a lot through their teaching!”

YWAM PARIS CONNECT, FRANCE- Adam and Leah Thompson, Campus Directors


“Thank you so much for coming and teaching us with such a servant-hearted attitude. You fully gave of yourselves both through teaching and relationally. Your generosity was a big blessing to experience, and I think it impacted the whole base. We are much more equipped in fundraising now, than before you came. You teach in fun and engaging ways about a topic that is usually not thought of as much fun. You inspire and bring hope!”

YWAM ROGALAND, NORWAY – Erlend Seglem, Campus Director


“So grateful to have the Galloways with us in Castiglioncello, Italy! They served our staff all week with teachings on Biblical conflict resolution, growing empathy for one another, recognizing our own patterns of behavior by looking back at significant positive and negative life moments, and building healthy relationships within our community in order to prevent burnout. Thank you for care, training and friendship!”

YWAM TUSCANY, ITALY – Chris & Christina Tempero, Campus Directors


“It was so encouraging to have Juan and Mombo visit YWAM Paisley in Scotland. Our team really values using the arts, music, dance, Celtic Christianity and creation care. Juan taught at our School of Worship about being Jesus with skin on to the least, the last, and the lost. I was so impacted that I personally incorporated some of his inspiring words into a new song.”

YWAM PAISLEY, SCOTLAND – Patrick Brandes, Campus Leadership Team


“When Juan and Mombo came into our base, they imparted their hearts in a big and generous way. They jumped in to help with whatever was needed, including cooking and cleaning for Ukrainian refugees. They prayed over us and with us. Our staff loved the 1-on-1 mentoring sessions they had with them. One, in particular, was really moved by the talk on fundraising. After the discussion, he concluded that he could see himself pursuing a missionary career for his whole life. Creativity just pours out of them. They are so much fun and Spirit-filled at the same time. Our Community Night was particularly fun when they taught us freeze-frame (Instagram-style) dramas. We totally recommend them! We are waiting to have them again in our base!” 

YWAM ELS CLUJ, Romania – Florin and Laura Mihaly, Base Leaders



“We have known Juan and Mombo since 2014 through multiple outreaches together at our location in Dagupan, Philippines. While working with us in the Philippines, the Holy Spirit worked through Juan and Mombo in amazing ways. They have a huge heart for evangelism, and making radical disciples, especially of young leaders of the next generation. Juan and Mombo use innovative expressions to share the Bible and the love of Jesus. They are excellent teachers of the Word and taught in different ways how to grow deeper in the Lord, but they also loved distributing relief goods to the poor and needy people with us in the slums. Through this, countless people came to Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. They led their teams with passion for Christ and the power of God. It was an honor to work with them.”

YWAM DAGUPAN, THE PHILIPPINES – Manny and Gina Wabe, Campus Directors



“Juan and Mombo’s training style is very thorough, engaging, fun and practical! They tag-team together as they teach, and they are very accessible for questions and interaction. From deep truths from the word on finances, to how to build a financial partnership team, to exposing lies we might carry concerning starting the missionary journey as fully funded workers for the kingdom! They give practical tools to do this step by step. It was a huge blessing for our students to have them share 3 days, as all of them are about to launch long-term across the nations. For them to get this teaching and these tools were incredibly helpful! We love what the Galloways carry and what they bring!”

YWAM KONA, HAWAII, USA – Marlies Hoogteijling, School Leader Apostello Unreached People Groups Pioneer Training


“Juan and Mombo have a wealth of experience but came humbly to serve our YWAM Nelson Base here in New Zealand. They were generous, loving, direct, encouraging, engaging, and taught and encouraged our team in the area of support partnership. It’s a crucial area for us to achieve in if we want to see God make a long-term impact through this ministry. We have never seen our team as engaged as they were in their training. We would highly recommend them to your YWAM base and/or ministry.”  

YWAM NELSON, NEW ZEALAND – Shane and Tara Jette, Founders and Leadership Team


“Hearing Juan and Mombo speak together in tandem as a team on Healthy Relationships has been absolutely incredible. Our favorite and memorable week by far! They brought such important truths each day and delivered them in a refreshing, creative, honest and passionate way. They were organized, prepared, yet fully surrendered to what God wanted to do. We appreciate them “going there!” They were raw and real, talking about things that most people avoid! Juan and Mombo’s strong marriage sets a glorious example for us all!”



“Juan and Mombo are so effective. Speaking from experience in fundraising, and being fully into missions for a long time now, we need their help. Their presentation was very to the point, and super exciting. The training brought humor and personal experiences from their own lives and other YWAMers from around the globe that were so relevant.”

YWAM KONA, HAWAII, USA – Marchi and Andy Hutchison, School Leaders Fire and Fragrance


“Mombo and Juan carry such an atmosphere of joy. They create a safe environment to learn and grow into the deeper things of God in the areas of conflict resolution and countless ways to be a healthy leader. We learned so much from their experiences and honesty.” 

YWAM KONA, HAWAII, USA – Healing for the Harvest Medical Staff


“Juan and Mombo are a vibrant and exciting couple that really do carry God’s heart to disciple people of all nations and generations. I am so grateful to have gleaned from their wisdom in partnership development training, and how to live as a happy missionary and say goodbye to a poverty mindset. Their time with me and my team was such a gift, and I hope to see many others receive from them as well!”

YWAM KONA, HAWAII, USA – Yara Tataryn, School of Worship Leader


“It was inspiring for me to serve alongside Juan and Tracy Galloway. Their servant-hearted leadership was apparent and infectious. Their gifting in teaching through many facets of leadership and biblical ministry in challenging, multi-cultural settings produced so much fruit.”



“We had the privilege of having Juan and Mombo Galloway come and teach us on Financial Partnership in missions. Their heart to see people and ministries fully funded in missions is evident in their lives, and they share it in such a practical, fun way. Fundraising is not an easy topic of discussion in most cultures and Juan and Mombo bring great wisdom and biblical insight on the subject. Our staff and students are encouraged to go forward and be equipped with tools to use in this area. We highly recommend them teaching on financial partnership for staff and ministries.”

YWAM MATAMATA, NEW ZEALAND – Karlyn and Mas Mataitoga, Base Directors


“We were blessed to have Juan and Mombo with us to teach on Mercy Ministries and Conflict Resolution. Their teachings were backed with a biblical worldview at the core and they shared practical steps as well as the spiritual implications, all working together to beautifully equip our staff team. Juan and Mombo also provided a safe place for staff to talk and process and were an awesome asset to us over their stay in Queenstown. We love the Galloways!”

YWAM QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND – Joshua and Abigail Aldinger, Base Directors


New York City

“The Galloways have provoked me to reassess my own commitment to the lost and the hopeless. Be careful, or they may do the same for you. They capture the heart of the gospel to those living in the margins of society. I highly recommend their messages to the church and to all believers.”

Don Wilkerson – President of Teen Challenge

“We have been blessed immensely by Juan Galloway’s leadership these past 18 years. He has touched our hearts spiritually and professionally. Juan is a passionate leader. He fully embraces his purpose. He does great work on strategy, planning, and vision casting. He is a gifted public speaker and can deliver a concise message that is compelling and motivational. Juan is a good husband and father. He takes good care of himself through daily disciplines and work/life balance. Juan places great value on integrity and is a hard worker. We would recommend Juan for almost any leadership role imaginable. This is truly a good person that people will follow.”

Ed Herr, Chairman of the Board for New York City Relief

“Everywhere I go, people ask the question, “What is God doing, and where are the most cutting-edge ministries you’re aware of, Jack?” They ask this because of the exposure I have, speaking to and interacting with more than 20,000 pastors annually. They presume I get around enough to have a feel for where the Church may be achieving the two most basic things that distinguish “the real thing” from merely “a church thing.”

“1. The ministry is “doing what Jesus does,” as the leader’s work is reaching to and penetrating usually neglected places where human need and hurt need are more than goodwill gestures; where the leaders bury themselves in service that brings healing, hope, and wholeness at every dimension – spiritually, physically, domestically, emotionally and economically. 

“2. The leader(s) is “like Jesus” in character, commitment, effectiveness, and clarity of focus on people. Programs aren’t “an end in themselves,” being targeted on serving people – lifting them beyond the “helping-but-not-transforming” limits of agencies reticent to or resistant of the will or ability to introduce God’s power and grace to those they seek to reach.  

“So in that light, I want to invite you to know about a true “cutting edge ministry couple” meet Juan and Mombo Galloway. Their credentials answer to the two qualifiers above. Really. 

I discovered one of the best surprises I’ve had over recent years in the Galloways. They are the real deal – “cutting edge” for better reasons than merely being “cool.” They have a big heart for people – one ignited by the love of God, and always kept warm by the Holy Spirit of compassion that wills to give your life at the front-line of today’s human need.” 

Reverend Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary, Former President, The Foursquare Denomination, Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way, author of fifty-eight Christian teaching books

“The Galloways demonstrate in real terms what it means to take to heart Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself.” And, who is “your neighbor?”  One need only to look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to realize that Jesus defines your neighbor as “everyone” in need. They show how love which is the number one fruit of the Christian who has the Holy Spirit indwelling and is the true mark of Christian character. All else is fluff. I have known the Galloways and been involved in their ministry, New York City Relief, for over twenty years. They are the real deal.”

Dan Buttafuoco, Speaker and Author of “Consider the Evidence – a trial lawyer examines Eyewitness testimony in defense of the reliability of the New Testament.