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Mombo and Juan offer workshops in healthy leadership development with specialized training. Unfortunately, half of all missionaries leave the field within the first 10 years. This is usually because of (1.) Broken relationships with other missionaries (2.) Being underfunded. We address these issues head-on! We invite you to consider having these experienced missionaries share their insights and expertise with your YWAM national or regional conference or missions campus. They are often booked up far in advance, so please reach out early to secure their participation. Empathetic to the financial constraints often faced by fellow missionaries, they are delighted to offer their services at no cost to YWAM. They gladly cover their own airfare and, if needed, food and living expenses. Their ministry is supported by generous friends and churches who share their commitment to serving YWAM and its mission.


Regional & National Conference speakers, they tandem teach a powerful 1-hour keynote that goes along with the theme of your gathering and leaves everyone with more understanding and inspiration to continue in their call. Do you have a time in your weekly missions campus schedule when all of your staff and students gather for worship and teaching? If so, this is the perfect time to have Juan and Mombo share a 1-hour creative message that will revive and inspire your team. The workshops below can also be utilized for your conference or staff retreat. 


Every YWAM team has blindspots, cultural biases that impede unity and effectiveness. This workshop helps us to be intentionally multicultural, neurodiverse and equally utilize both men and women in leadership. Drawing from Loren Cunninham’s groundbreaking book Why Not Women?, we teach on the biblical case for women in leadership to better empower our missionary workforce that is 75% female.


This 3-hour workshop on mercy ministry is drawn from 18 years of serving people who struggle with homelessness, along with experience working in the slums of the Philippines, the jungles of Mexico, amongst prisoners in Colombia, and refugee camps in Haiti. Juan shares incredible stories from a pilgrimage he took by living as a homeless man on the streets of New York City to understand how we can better meet the needs of the poor. 


Across the board, missionaries are underfunded and lack training on how to build a partnership team. This training is a biblical and relational approach to partnership development that has modern step-by-step methods and incorporates all of the YWAM values. This is a 3-day workshop that runs 3 ½ hours each day with an hour of homework each night. We have trained over 300 staff at YWAM Kona and hundreds more around the world.  


Let’s face it, living in community has its challenges. It takes intentionality to create a staff culture that fosters healthy relationships and prevents burnout. This is a 2-day workshop that runs 3 hours each day.  Using interactive exercises like Life Mapping and Goal Setting we help teams to create unity by growing in empathy for one another. Practical training on Biblical Conflict Resolution helps teammates to let go of offense and build unity.




Email us to schedule a workshop for your staff retreat, or national or regional gathering.


We are so thankful to have great students, leaders, partners and mentors around us. Here is what they have experienced working with us.

“We only had 4 days with Mombo and Juan, but it feels like we had months together. They are great communicators and poured so much love and passion into our team. They really live out what they teach and one can see that they deeply care for the wellbeing of our YWAM staff. They know the joys and also struggles of ministry life, which enables them to speak life into our staff, because they know what this life looks like. I truly believe they are a gift from God for our mission and many more YWAM staff will benefit from their wisdom!”

YWAM AUSTRIA- Harald and Ani Hoellerman, National Directors


“One of the first things you will see in Juan and Mombo is their passion and charisma. They are engaging in both how they teach and how they tell stories. They are also gifted in making things really practical and manageable which serves both people who have been in missions for years and those who have only recently joined. As I have gotten to know them more I see how deeply they love the Lord and share that love with others. They are challenging, generous, and so good at helping draw people into God’s invitation to us as a part of his family, which includes relationship and partnership with others. They are one of a kind and a true blessing to our YWAM community!” 

YWAM AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Erica Gustafson, Base leadership team and training director